What is askPio?

askPio is one stop solution for all your problems whether it pertains to remembering numerous and complex passwords or need of secured passwords. It not only offers you connections with your friends and mates but also help you in acknowledging the required changes with the help of a centralized system.
askPio provides the user with bot framework to present an easy and comfortable interface to the user. Bot will help you with the registration to the application to using all its unique and commendable features without any difficulty. Moreover, it will also keep you connected, protected and integrated which is our motto. Read more

Making work simpler, more pleasant, and more productive

askPio work towards betterment of a company's relation with its employees by keeping them informed, updated and ahead in all the challenges. askPio will connect you with multiple applications having different passwords and it will safeguard all of them under one secured password with an opportunity to update it with time and keep your group, colleagues, friends, mates, members informed about it.

askPio will be one step access to all your problems. A unique diverse platform with LUIS based bot support to our clients.

  • No more excel
  • No more document
  • No more sticky notes
  • No same password for all accounts
  • Generate Complex passwords
  • Just need one account
  • Increase security
  • Get information by asking bot

Login & Add

Login to the portal of application, add your all details and share with team members. No more excel, no more document, nothing!


You and your team members can get the information whenever it is required form portal by searching and from bot by asking to askpio!

Access From Microsoft Teams

Stay Connected, Protected and Integrated!

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Having a singular focus encourages dynamic simplification; every button, menu, and data field must be productivity-enhancing.

Building software that streamlines and simplifies team management for all level of companies.

Great products are created and supported by incredible teams. At askPio, our primary mission is providing tools, training, and a people-first culture that support extraordinary teamwork.


Increase teams' productivity, by managing all details and share across the team.


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